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Is there a particular spanking scene you’d like to see filmed? A favorite spanking fantasy which you’d like to live vicariously or witness?

I produce custom spanking videos in all genres: F/F, F/M, M/F, M/M (including other fun letter combinations such as F/FF and F/FM). I also have a great time making custom scolding and lecture POV (Point of View – it’s like I’m talking to you during the video) scenes.

Use your imagination!

Please Contact Me. In the ‘Subject’ line, please type Custom Video Request.In the ‘Message’ section, please describe the scene which you’d like to see – (Keep in mind that I make spanking, domestic discipline, and POV lecture videos – not pornography. No sexual content will be included or allowed, nor will I engage in any degree of undress.) – including approximate scene length, set/surrounding, camera angle preferences, and other things which may be important to you in your spanking film. Be specific. Let me know whether you’d like to see hand spanking, paddles, straps, caning, etc.

I will honor wardrobe requests within reason. If your wardrobe requests are very specific, you may be required to cover the extra expense of acquiring those items.

Film length is dependent upon the content which you request, and requests for video duration will be honored within reason.

If you request an F/M spanking video, you’ll receive your scene featuring My Bottom’s Bottom and me, unless you specify other casting. Please keep in mind that additional casting incurs an additional cost.

When requesting F/F spanking videos, please include your casting preference(s), if applicable. Most custom F/F scenes will be shot with Angel, unless otherwise specified. Please keep in mind that additional casting incurs an additional cost.

Custom video pricing is dependent upon video length and casting, and whether or not I retain distribution rights to the content after you take delivery.

- Dana

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