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Adult Babysitter

I knew when I started this ‘adult babysitting’ gig that lots of people would misunderstand the concept, so that’s why I explained it very well in the online advertisement I placed:

** Available : Adult Babysitter. I’ll come to your house, hang out and chat while also helping you get caught up on anything from household chores, homework, work-work, or personal projects you could use a helping hand with. Sort-of like a grown-up playmate, except we’ll be workmates instead! A great, fun concept for singles, work-from-homers, and people with long office hours and little time to socialize. Contact me at : ##### .

I shouldn’t have been surprised that eventually one of my clients would take the tongue-in-cheek ‘babysitter’ part too far. I wasn’t really…I was ready for it, for him….the man-child who had the audacity to hire me for the evening thinking that he was going to be allowed to run rampant through his own home like a feral child while I cleaned up behind him and tried to moderate his behavior. After a couple hours of this, I ran completely out of options and pulled out the things I hoped I’d never really have to use:

My naughty stick and naughty bench; handily, a wooden hairbrush lay nearby and, when I yanked that crazy-acting man across my lap for a hard bare bottom hand and hair brush spanking he was truly shocked.

But it didn’t change his attitude, even when I placed his nose against the wall - this grown man actually stuck his tongue out at me! Can you believe it? Swiftly I produced the naughty bench and ordered him to sit his bare bottom there for twenty minutes or else.

After his naughty bench time is up, mister smarty pants just keeps on running his mouth, so it’s back up for a hard-as-hell spanking with my naughty stick and more from the wooden hair brush. Bu the time I’m done, my formerly out-of-control client has switched to, “yes, ma’am”, and is contrite when sent back to the corner for a second time.

It’s ridiculous, the things an Adult Babysitter has to put up with..

Duration : 12 minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: babysitter, cornertime, F/M, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK, paddling, roleplay,

Buck Naked for Chores!

I walk into the kitchen to find Bobby washing the dishes…in his underwear! He knows that it’s a strict rule in the house - he’s usually allowed to wear his underpants, or a jockstrap, around the house - he is always to be completely naked while doing his daily chores.

Bobby lame excuses fall on deaf ears as I take away his underwear, pull over a stool, and make him, while standing, bend over my knee for a furious hand and wooden spoon spanking.

I’d better not catch him wearing a single stitch of clothing again while doing his housework, or he’s losing all clothing privileges for the foreseeable future.

Duration : 5+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: CFNM, domestic discipline, F/M, hand spanking, OTK, wooden spoon,

Good Girl Zis

It’s just the truth : Zis is a good girl. 99.997% of the time, anyway, and who’s counting?

Not Zis…not this time. Because this time she’s getting a good girl spanking. She’s chosen her own implements - a heart-shaped and very heavy and dense olivewood spoon, and what’s become known as ‘Dana’s purse hairbrush’. Zis goes directly across my lap for her extremely firm yet loving hand spanking followed by a no-joke spanking with the wooden spoon and hair brush. By the end, Zis bottom is bright red and we’re both feeling energized and happy…..after all, she really is a good girl.

Duration : 7 minutes

Featuring: Zis Kane

Keywords: F/M, fat bottomed girls, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK, wooden spoon,

Expressions of Discomfort

I place Bobby standing, legs spread wide, in front of a cabinet holding a large mirror. He’s to watch himself….see his expressions as the bath brush lands again and again on his bare buttocks. I want him to see what I see - the pained expressions, drawn lips, teeth clenched, understand from another perspective what the love/hate experience with spanking entails…his own face.

Meanwhile, I stand behind him and beat living hell out of his cheeks - really giving it to him, so those facial expressions will be as genuine and heartfelt as painfully possible - until they’re glowing red and ashy.

Duration : 5+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: bath brush, domestic discipline, F/M,


Bobby and I see 2017 out and welcome 2018 in with a couple hundred bangs, as I use several implements to help him reinforce his goals for the rest of the new year. *Note : video cuts off a mere handful of strokes before the end of the scene…ran out of battery power…spanked too long. ;) (**Spoiler : He survived**)

Duration 11+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: barber strop, belt spanking, caning, F/M, hair brush, OTK, paddling, severe spanking, strapping,

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