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Dana Doesn't Share

It’s simple, really: I don’t share well.

So when I found out that Bobby was texting with a ‘friend’ of his - female, naturally - who also used to spank him, by the way….ahem….during our date….AHEM….I was a little…


Here’s the video.

Duration : 8+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: CFNM, cornertime, domestic discipline, F/M, OTK, paddling,

Busted (literally & figuratively)

Warning: Somewhat severe.

It was time for Zis’ spanking, and she’d asked for a particularly hard one, choosing out four implements guaranteed to leave her bruised and sore for days afterward -

- so I began spanking her OTK, and quickly noticed two tiny marks on her bottom. “What’s this?”, I asked, “have you been spanked by someone else?” Zis’ response was, “Sorta”. So I immediately began concentrating on that area - spanking her whole bottom hard with my hairbrush but paying special attention to her blisters, given she’d just told me how long it’d been since I’d given her a good hard spanking. (I, that is.)

Next came the barber strop; her blister gave way about three strokes in. Streaking brightly down Zis’ thigh was the evidence that she had, indeed, been spanked recently - and hard. So I kept spanking her. It seemed like the right thing to do, under the circumstances.

I spanked her with the barber strop, then with my Jokari paddle until it literally began falling apart as I repeatedly smacked her still-streaming backside. Another implement ruined on Zis’ bottom. But I wasn’t done…oh, no. She’d set out four implements and I intended to use all four - so I grabbed the rug beater and felt no guilt whatsoever as I announced to Zis that this would be another ruined implement, and she’d pay to replace it, before lighting into her bottom with the rug beater so hard that both Zis’ panties and my stockings were spattered by the end of her spanking. I think it’s fair to say that she deserved getting busted, for getting busted.

*Note: Zis received immediate loving and palliative aftercare for her very minor abrasion which is well on its way to being fully healed.

Duration : 10 minutes

Featuring: Zis Kane

Keywords: barber strop, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hair brush, odd implements, paddling, severe spanking,

POV : I Don’t Care Whether you ‘feel like’ Getting Spanked

You men, you’re all guilty of it. Yes, you like to be spanked. You LOVE to be spanked. You ask to be spanked. And you regularly get yourself into situations in which you’ll find yourself…you guessed it, spanked.

Then one day, for some reason, each and every one of you decides to say something along the lines of, “I don’t feel like getting spanked today”. That’s when you screw up…it’s not voluntary, at least not in my house, and under my rules. Once I’ve decided you need to be spanked…you get spanked.

There’s the proof, standing in the corner in the background, after telling me that he didnt’ feel like being disciplined ‘right now’ for something he’d done. So he was disciplined twice - once for the original offense, and once for trying to tell me how to top him. Then, as added embarrassment, he’s had to stand in the corner while I tell you - that’s right, mister….YOU - it’s not up to you when I spank you.

It’s up to me.

Duration : 4+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: cornertime, domestic discipline, F/M, POV, wooden spoon,

The Strictest Stepmom

I couldn’t possibly care less that my new stepchildren are grown - they still live in their fathers house (now MY house), so they’ll do what they’re told or be spanked. I was spanked when I did wrong and look how well I turned out…these kids today have zero respect…

Take this new stepson, for example. No job, no prospects, stays out all night long with his friends doing goodness knows what..well, I’m putting a stop to it. Today.

When my shiftless stepson arrives home after a night spent ‘out’ somewhere, I light into him, telling him in no uncertain terms what I will and will not allow in MY home from now on.

He’s never had a spanking before in his life and is in total shock when I grab him for his first - right now. He pushes my hands away twice, causing me to slap him right across his face leaving blazing red fingerprints there as a reminder not to mess with stepmom.

The slap shocks him into sense, and he complies in getting across my knee, only to immediately begin kicking and reaching his hands behind him. I just keep on spanking him throughout his grown-man fit, explaining that as long as he’s MY stepson, and living in my house, he’s never too old for a spanking. My hand and hairbrush get to him quickly, and by the end he’s promising to clean up his act. Of course, I’ve heard it all before - from his sister, even - and don’t believe for a minute that one little spanking will change this man-boys behavior; he’ll be revisiting my lap again and again, I’m sure.

Duration : 7+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: F/M, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK, roleplay, stepmom,

POV: I Spank You Because I Want to

You can be a good boy.
I’ll spank you.

You can be a naughty boy.
I’ll spank you.

It doesn’t matter what you do,
or how you act.
I’ll spank you
because I want to.
Because I love it.
Because it turns me on.

Duration : 6 minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: CFNM, F/M, hand spanking, OTK, POV, sensual spanking,

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