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Here you'll find all my F/M and F/F spanking videos, POVs, Product Testing and Tips for Tops instructional videos, photosets, and more, within the Member's area.

The site is updated at least once weekly (usually Saturday) with full-length F/M or F/F spanking scenes, with occasional bonus videos and other content appearing mid-week. In addition to videos, you'll find links to my blog, dozens of free videos, and fun information on the great boys and girls with whom I play. You can also request a custom spanking or POV video, or peruse my made-to-order spanking DVD's - including a Custom DVD option.

I hope that you enjoy the videos, as we have a whole lot of fun making them! There are currently 306 full-length scenes in the Members' Area!

-- Dana

Mom's Mad in the Morning
It’s almost time to leave the house for the day, but Kay is still playing in the living room when Mom comes in. Mom gives Kay several warnings to pick up her toys and get dressed, but when she comes back a few moments later to find Kay still surrounded by a big mess and still wearing her pajamas, Mom gets mad and orders Kay over her knee for a hard hand spanking.

Kay whines and protests but Mom always wins, and the naughty girl ends up getting a very long and very hard hand spanking from Mom. But that’s not all, because then Mom orders Kay to bring her ‘the brown leather belt’ which Kay hates. After retrieving the belt from Mom’s closet, Kay again tries to get out of her spanking but to no avail, because Mom bends her over and spanks Kay’s bottom very hard with the belt over and over again until the girl’s knees buckle and she’s crying and hiccuping in pain and fear.

Once Mom has made her displeasure clear to young Kay, she makes her daughter go and stand in the corner with her red and stinging bottom bared to the room. Ten minutes she’ll have to stand there before Mom lets her out of the corner. Naughty Kay learned a very big lesson this morning!
Length : 8+ minutes

Featuring: Kay

Keywords: ageplay, F/F, hand spanking, OTK,

Encouragement is Important
I promised Zis a long OTK handspanking warm up before her much-needed severe spanking, so she goes immediately across my lap for just that. After pulling up her skirt, I spank Zis over her panties first, then pull them down and give her a very thorough, all-over-both-cheeks hand spanking. She’s bright pink before I tell her to retrieve my favorite wooden hairbrush and lie back across my lap.

While spanking Zis’ bottom hard with my hairbrush, I remind her that it’s not just spankees who need encouragement - no! - spankers need it, too. So I tell Zis to give me verbal encouragement while I’m spanking her poor bare bottom back and forth, over and over again, with my hairbrush. Once I’m pleased with the shade of her cheeks, I tell Zis to replace my hairbrush and bring me the thick wooden paddle.

Back across my lap again, her bottom quickly shades to deep red and purple with the application of dozens of hard paddle spanks. Her feet rubbing together and voice straining, I tell Zis to assume hands and knees position on the chair now, and we quickly agree that she’s to receive 65 more swats with my paddle. Hard ones…and Zis is to thank me for each and every one, while maintaining her position AND offering me more ongoing verbal encouragement. The steadfast Zis even manages to lose count for a second toward the end, a rarity. Finally, her spanking complete, there’s no question that this girl has been severely bruised.

Length : 15+ minutes

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hand spanking, OTK, paddling,

Teacher is Very Angry

What am I going to do with you, young man? Call your mother? Send you to the principal’s office? Both! Yes sir, both for you…and every other kind of trouble you can possibly find yourself in for this, you naughty little boy.

Don’t deny it, teacher just caught you hiding in the girls bathroom, peeking at the girls while they have their pants down. Very naughty! Very dirty! Good boys don’t do those things, so you must be a bad boy…and teacher has a hard wooden paddle for bad boys. Yes, you’re going to get spanked right now for this, before I even tell your mom. You’ll probably get spanked by her, too, and then again in the principal’s office…but we’re going to start right here, just you and me.

You’re going to come over here, put your hands flat on teacher’s desk…spread your feet…and take your paddling. But first - pull down your pants, young man. You deserve no more privacy than you gave the girls in the bathroom..I mean it! Pull them down or I’ll pull them down for you…and then you’re going to waddle your dirty little butt right over here and let teacher pull down your underpants. You will do it right now, or it’s going to be much worse…I’m already going to paddle your backside until it’s raw. You’ll be getting paddled right on your bare sneaky little bottom, young man. Now get over here, or teacher will be even more angry.
Length : 4+ minutes

Keywords: F/M, paddling, POV, roleplay, teacher,

Caught in My Daughter's Bedroom

Just who do you think you are, young man? I come home to find you and my daughter, halfway undressed, in her bedroom - with the door closed?! You’d better explain yourself right now!

Shut UP, young lady! I’ve heard, and seen, just about enough of you. This boy clearly was putting his hands on you, and when I’m done spanking your bare bottom right in front of him, I’m going to pull him over my knee and give him the same hard spanking. Don’t you dare say another word to him, young lady, or your spanking will be even harder!

Yes, you heard me mister - I’m going to spank you just like I’m spanking my daughter right now…or would you like me to march you right down to your mother and spank you in front of her? Hmm?….

Kay, I mean it - if you sass your mother once more during your spanking I’m going to get really mad. Stop kicking your feet, turn around and take your punishment. You shouldn’t have been in here with your pants off if you’re a good girl, and only bad girls get spanked in front of dirty neighborhood boys. Now get your butt in the corner while I handle this bad bad boy..

Alright, come on you…get over here. Get across my knee and take your spanking. Right now.

Length : 5+ minutes

Featuring: Kay

Keywords: ageplay, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hand spanking, mom, OTK, POV,


Zis has never been spanked with a carpet beater before, so I figure it’s only fair for her first experience to be one hundred strokes with my brand new, stiff one. She agrees, and bends over a pillow on my bed…then I tell her that each ten strokes of the carpet beater will be capped by a swat from my big heavy wood paddle. She agrees, again…of course.

Once I have Zis skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down, I give her a quick ‘warm up’ spanking with my hand, just a tease really, considering what’s coming. Then I quickly get to work on her bottom with the angry, long-handled carpet beater - Zis kicks and squirms and exclaims during each of the ten sets of ten, and even more so each time I smack her butt with that big wooden paddle at the end.

As you can imagine, the carpet beater stings worse and worse with each set of ten…Zis bottom gets redder and redder, before eventually shading to purple, as I swing harder and harder each time. Finally, I’m standing, and the last set has her feet kicking high before it’s over.
Length : 8 minutes

Keywords: 100 Strokes, F/F, fat bottomed girls, odd implements, paddling,

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