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Here you'll find all my F/M and F/F spanking videos, POVs, Product Testing and Tips for Tops instructional videos, photosets, and more, within the Member's area.

The site is updated at least once weekly (usually Saturday) with full-length F/M or F/F spanking scenes, with occasional bonus videos and other content appearing mid-week. In addition to videos, you'll find links to my blog, dozens of free videos, and fun information on the great boys and girls with whom I play. You can also request a custom spanking or POV video, or peruse my made-to-order spanking DVD's - including a Custom DVD option.

I hope that you enjoy the videos, as we have a whole lot of fun making them! There are currently 316 full-length scenes in the Members' Area!

-- Dana

Every Morning for a Week

She spent the entire last week sassing me every chance she got, and I was too busy to do enough about it to curb the behavior on the spot…
But this week? This week I have plenty of time.
And Zis is going over my knee every single morning of the entire week for a bare-bottomed, hard hand spanking from me, to ensure that she will behave that day.
While she protests and promises to be good, I don’t buy a second of it. Pulling her over my knee and yanking her panties up into the crack of her butt, I spank Zis cheeks hard while remonstrating her firmly about her behavior the previous week.
When I pull out my hairbrush, Zis immediately begins to squirm and kick and try to pry herself loose from my lap - but I’ve got a hold on her, and my hairbrush lands firmly on her bare and ever-reddening cheeks over and over.
When I think her bottom’s red enough for my satisfaction this morning, I remind Zis that she’s to present herself every single morning, as soon as she wakes, for her punishment spanking for that day…just in case she decides to misbehave.
She promises that she won’t, but a spanking every morning this week seems like better insurance than her word.

Length : 6+ minutes

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/M, fat bottomed girls, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK,

POV : Online College Instructor Teaches You Self-Discipline

You’ve requested this one-on-one online chat so that you and I can come to an agreement about your status in this online college course.

You’re failing, plain and simple, and I don’t allow extra credit unless I find the student worthy…you, I think, lack self-discipline. I’m not inclined to help you. After a fair amount of begging on your part, I agree to help you with your grade - but only if you agree to my help with your self-discipline. In other words, you’ll be spanking yourself.

Right now. During this live web chat with your teacher….strip.

You heard me, strip. Once you’ve done so, you may turn away from your laptop’s screen so that I can see your bottom…and proceed to spank your bare right butt cheek with your right hand. Hard. Harder.


That’s better. Now the left. Yes, just like that. Keep going…

You’ll meet me in this private web chat weekly for your self-discipline sessions, and following each one you’ll go and stand quietly in the corner for fifteen minutes, while I….ahem….observe your pink bottom for signs of misbehavior.

And whatever you do, listen very carefully to teacher now…don’t turn around.

Length: 12+ minutes

Keywords: F/M, POV, teacher,

Bottom Bared in Front of the Whole Class

You’d think that, being the only boy in a class with seventeen girls, Bobby would be the best-behaved boy in the world.. But he refuses to leave the girls alone. He’s forever throwing paper at them, pulling their hair, and whispering silly things during class, every time my attention is away. This time, he’s been bothering Zis - pulling her hair and trying to tickle her - when she finally gets enough, raises her hand, and tattles on Bobby. While I don’t usually allow tattling, I think that Bobby’s behavior has been naughty enough that I immediately call him to the front of the class, causing all of the girls to giggle loudly. I announce to Bobby and all his classmates that I’m going to spank him - right here in the middle of class, and in front of all his (all female!) classmates. The girls giggle rudely as I explain to Bobby that not only will I spank him, but I’m first going to pull down his shorts AND his underpants…leaving him completely bare-bottomed in front of all the girls AND his teacher. Bobby’s embarrassed and apologetic, but it’s clear to me that he’s had a poor upbringing and needs what his mother clearly never gave him - a hard, bard-bottom hand spanking. This one just happens to take place in front of 17 girls who alternately laugh and sit in awed silence as Bobby takes his embarrassing punishment. What’s worse, now he’s going to spend the rest of class with his pants and underwear around his ankles, and his nose pressed against the front wall. On display, for the rest of the day.

Length: 7+ minutes

Keywords: cornertime, F/M, hand spanking, roleplay, teacher,

POV: Punishing Two Naughty Trespassers

You two young men have been messing around in my front yard for the last time!
I told you when I caught you trying to peek in my windows the first time that I was going to tan both your hides if you did that dirty mess again, didn’t I? But still last week I saw the both of you peeking in my window - again! If I’d managed to catch you then, you’d both have been sleeping standing up for a week.
And today, here we are. I’ve caught you again, and managed to get you both inside. I’ve already spanked your cohort’s bottom into bright red and purple bruised submission, and he’s standing in painful embarrassment in the corner while you await your impending spanking.
You’re going to have a hard hairbrush paddling right across my knee, mister, just like your friend. I don’t care that he’s older - you were both peeking! Besides, HE says it was your idea. As a matter of fact, HE shouldn’t be saying anything at all…
…you wait right there while I spank your friend a little more, maybe he’ll learn to take his corner time quietly.
Now you…come here…it’s your turn.

Length : 5+ minutes

Keywords: ageplay, domestic discipline, F/F, hair brush, neighbor, POV, roleplay,

Rx : Spanking

Just one month ago, this gentleman was showing an improvement in his health. But this month, for some reason, his triglycerides have shot through the roof. I question him about his diet, nutrition, and lifestyle - and he makes excuses.

I tell my unhealthy patient that he’s in big trouble, and in no uncertain terms. I explained very explicitly, last month, that I expected to see a drastic improvement in his tests, across the board. Now here he sits in front of me…unhealthier than ever.

Digging through my medical bag, I tell him that I’m going to find something that makes what he’s doing to the inside of his body HURT. Just like if he had a visible injury, to an arm, or leg…or backside. Something physically painful to associate with the damage he’s doing to his health : that’s my prescription.

Pulling out a thick wooden paddle with a target carved in, I explain to him that I am now in charge of his health. He will report back here in one month for a new battery of tests. Today, he will receive his ‘medicine’ - fifty hard strokes with this painful paddle should show him how his liver, kidneys, and heart feel every day. As I’m doling out his spanking, along with instructions on how to conduct himself until our next visit in thirty days, I tell my unhealthy patient that next time…it’ll be double. And twice as hard. He promises to do better, but somehow I think we’ll be talking about this all again, next month.

Length : 12 minutes

Keywords: CFNM, doctor/nurse, F/M, paddling, roleplay,

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