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A Retirement Celebration for Bobby
When you’ve been at the same job for ten years, it’s worth a celebration or two when you leave it - so Bobby is celebrating.

And you know me…I love a celebration.

He’s chosen ten different implements, and will receive ten hard strokes with each of them - I’ve added an additional twist in that he must quickly change positions between each set of ten.

Although Bobby is happy to end this last chapter of his life and enter a new one, he’s also hurting a lot…because I’m hitting him damn hard.

As he bends and contorts himself to my satisfaction, I dole out his ten-for-each-year celebratory beating…and beating it is, as by the end (a big, beautiful, thick wood paddle) his bottom runs red with every smack. Watch as he celebrates the newest and most painful chapter of life yet - he has many, many more spankings to come.


Duration : 13+ minutes

Keywords: caning, CFNM, domestic discipline, F/M, hair brush, OTK, paddling, riding crop, severe spanking, strapping,

A Misunderstanding at Breakfast
It’s pretty simple to understand, but he keeps pretending he didn’t know…

We just paid 60 dollars for breakfast in our terribly expensive hotel’s restaurant, because Bobby would like me to believe that he doesn’t understand that concept of a continental breakfast. I know better than believe for one second that this man thought the entire fancy spread in the dining area was a part of the ‘free’ breakfast, though, so I’ve dragged him back to our room to exact my revenge on his bottom.

He’s arguing with me the entire time, even while I’m dropping his pants to the floor and yanking him by the ear, across the room, and over my knee. His protests fall on deaf ears though, as I cannot hear him over the sound of my left palm smacking his bottom, hard…over and over and over again. He moans and apologizes, makes more excuses, and generally voices his discomfort and displeasure at his embarrassing OTK situation - but I don’t care, because…sixty dollars for breakfast - bacon! Sausages! Quiche! I’m taking it all right out of his backside, until I’ve spanked his bare bottom bright pink and I’m feeling a little less angry.

Still though, I think it’s a good idea for him to go stand naked in the corner for a while…think about the ‘real’ cost of that meal, and whether for not it was really worth it.

Length : 6+ minutes

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/M, hand spanking, OTK,

How a Sadist Says 'I Missed You'
Eighteen days. It’s been eighteen days since I had the chance to spank his bottom….beat his ass…smack his backside…whatever you want to call it.

Eighteen damn days.

So we chose five implements of varying awfulness and he took eighteen strokes with each of them. I sometimes make him choose the order he’ll receive them, and this time Bobby did not disappoint me…choosing to take 18 strokes with my thick schoolhouse cane, right off the start. Of course, he starts thebleeding almost immediately, for which I chastise him the remainder of the spanking.

He’ll also receive eighteen wholehearted strokes with a thick leather strap, my Naughty Stick paddle (vicious!), a 1” thick flapjack paddle, and one of his favorites…my leather belt. By the end of it all, hisblood covers my implements and is smeared across his cheeks, and he’s in really really big trouble…

…because that was his ‘welcome’ spanking. It’s going to be a very painful week.

Length : 9+ minutes

Keywords: bath brush, belt spanking, domestic discipline, F/M, paddling, severe spanking, strapping,

Beating Her Bruises with My Bathbrush
She’s still bruised and sore, in the center of both cheeks, from a spanking three days ago…but Zis wants another spanking, anyway. And she wants it RIGHT on her bruises.

Yes, she’s specifically requested that I spank her bruises to make them last longer, and as always I’ve happily agreed.

Then I chose my most favorite - and especially painful - wooden bath brush for the job. The head of my bathbrush is the same exact size as Zis’ bruises, and I’m going to make sure that it lands in exactly the same spot…every.single.time.

Zis, a girl who’s usually able to withstand a very hard spanking without squealing, kicking, or crying out - much - is immediately dancing in place as she tries very hard to hold still in light of the fact that her bottom is on fire. Every single smack of the bath brush on her bruised and bare bottom is another shock of pain for her….and the more she wiggles and struggles, the harder I smack her. The faster I smack her. The more I smack her. Until….welll, you’ll see what her bottom looks like by the time I’m done ‘granting her request’.

Length : 6+ minutes

Keywords: bath brush, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls,

The Great Flood
What the hell is going on around here? How is there *so* much water on the bathroom floor? I almost slipped and broke my neck…

I call Bobby in…he’s wrapped in a towel - but completely dry - and cannot explain quickly and to my satisfaction how he’s managed to make such a mess. I yank off his towel and pull him over my knee for a hard hand spanking and scolding. He continues to make weird, weak excuses for the water everywhere, even when I pointedly ask him what the hell he’s been doing in there.

I think he’s up to something, and stand him with his nose against the wall even after an extended hand spanking…and he continues to talk back, only causing me to walk over and spank him there where he stands. This won’t be the last time Bobby gets spanked for something so ridiculously simple; I’m certain of that.

Length : 6+ minutes

Keywords: CFNM, domestic discipline, F/M, hand spanking, OTK,

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