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POV: Punishing Two Naughty Trespassers

You two young men have been messing around in my front yard for the last time!
I told you when I caught you trying to peek in my windows the first time that I was going to tan both your hides if you did that dirty mess again, didn’t I? But still last week I saw the both of you peeking in my window - again! If I’d managed to catch you then, you’d both have been sleeping standing up for a week.
And today, here we are. I’ve caught you again, and managed to get you both inside. I’ve already spanked your cohort’s bottom into bright red and purple bruised submission, and he’s standing in painful embarrassment in the corner while you await your impending spanking.
You’re going to have a hard hairbrush paddling right across my knee, mister, just like your friend. I don’t care that he’s older - you were both peeking! Besides, HE says it was your idea. As a matter of fact, HE shouldn’t be saying anything at all…
…you wait right there while I spank your friend a little more, maybe he’ll learn to take his corner time quietly.
Now you…come here…it’s your turn.

Length : 5+ minutes

Keywords: ageplay, domestic discipline, F/F, hair brush, neighbor, POV, roleplay,

Rx : Spanking

Just one month ago, this gentleman was showing an improvement in his health. But this month, for some reason, his triglycerides have shot through the roof. I question him about his diet, nutrition, and lifestyle - and he makes excuses.

I tell my unhealthy patient that he’s in big trouble, and in no uncertain terms. I explained very explicitly, last month, that I expected to see a drastic improvement in his tests, across the board. Now here he sits in front of me…unhealthier than ever.

Digging through my medical bag, I tell him that I’m going to find something that makes what he’s doing to the inside of his body HURT. Just like if he had a visible injury, to an arm, or leg…or backside. Something physically painful to associate with the damage he’s doing to his health : that’s my prescription.

Pulling out a thick wooden paddle with a target carved in, I explain to him that I am now in charge of his health. He will report back here in one month for a new battery of tests. Today, he will receive his ‘medicine’ - fifty hard strokes with this painful paddle should show him how his liver, kidneys, and heart feel every day. As I’m doling out his spanking, along with instructions on how to conduct himself until our next visit in thirty days, I tell my unhealthy patient that next time…it’ll be double. And twice as hard. He promises to do better, but somehow I think we’ll be talking about this all again, next month.

Length : 12 minutes

Keywords: CFNM, doctor/nurse, F/M, paddling, roleplay,

The Perfectly Innocent Angel
Zis is happy to admit that she needs and deserves a spanking…she just won’t tell me the reasons.

She says she’s been ‘irresponsible’, so I deal with her irresponsibility accordingly, using my hand to warm up her bare bottom, followed by a small leather strap and studded leather paddle.

When I ask Zis ‘what else’ she deserves to be spanked for, she clams up. Won’t tell me. Just looks at me with a guilty grin on her face…so I spank her hard back over my knee with paddle and hard wood hairbrush for being unwilling to come clean and admit what she’s done wrong.

The trend continues, even when Zis is threatened with my rug beater and cane. Her discipline with these implements is swift, painful, and causes immediate angry red welts and bruises on this perfectly innocent angel’s formerly-pale cheeks.

She and I will speak more about this later, while Zis is settling her bruised bottom into the Naughty Bench for a nice, long time-out.

Length : 12 minutes

Keywords: caning, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hand spanking, OTK, paddling, severe spanking,

Morning Spanks After Last Night's Tears

He doesn’t really do anything wrong…not really. He’s just a boy who needs a lot of spankings. He’s ‘naughty’ in the way that all men are, and I’m constantly charmed by the many many ways in which he finds himself across my lap near constantly.

Last night, he had a very very hard spanking. It wasn’t just hard physically, but emotionally too, and he cried hard heavy tears for quite a while after we’d finished. I’ll let you listen to him explain the reasons why, but what’s important is that we’d agreed in advance that I’d be spanking him again, this morning….just a few hours after his very painful and emotional spanking the night before, and that he’d be very very sore right from the start.

After inviting him back across my lap, I start hand spanking over his underpants before pulling them down to expose a still-red and tender bottom from last night’s spanking. Little moans escape his lips with even moderate hand smacks, so I’m unsurprised when the small wooden paddle I’ve brought out makes him squirm and try to get away..causing my chair to slide unceremoniously across the floor. This only irritates me, makes me grab him more firmly, and redouble my efforts with the paddle.

He’s on the verge of tears again when I relent, asking him if he’s had enough for the morning, but making it very clear that he will be shedding more tears, later today. He agrees and resumes his position in the corner, so that I’ll have something pretty to look at for a while.
Length : 7+ minutes

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/M, hand spanking, OTK, paddling,

POV: Tricky Teacher Spanks and Humiliates You

A Custom POV film order in which you are my student who has plagiarized your creative writing paper…

After a thorough scolding and reminder that I have permission both from the school’s principal AND your mom to spank you in front of the entire class (all girls, humiliatingly enough for you) - and I fully intend to - you convince me to spank you every day for a week, after class and in private, instead of just once in front of twenty giggling girls.

I agree, and begin you OTK bare bottom spanking immediately, right there in the empty classroom. The week’s spankings blend into one another, as you meet me after class every day for your spanking…keeping up your end of the deal.

When Monday comes you’re feeling very relieved to have saved yourself from the public humiliation of a bare bottom spanking in front of the class of girls….when your teacher stuns you by telling the whole class that you cheated - and that you WILL be getting spanked. Right now! You can’t believe it…your teacher tricked you. She yanks down your pants and underpants right in front of all those laughing girls before you know what to do, and your worst nightmare comes true.

Length : 14+ minutes

Keywords: paddling, POV, roleplay, teacher,

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