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Caught in My Daughter's Bedroom

Just who do you think you are, young man? I come home to find you and my daughter, halfway undressed, in her bedroom - with the door closed?! You’d better explain yourself right now!

Shut UP, young lady! I’ve heard, and seen, just about enough of you. This boy clearly was putting his hands on you, and when I’m done spanking your bare bottom right in front of him, I’m going to pull him over my knee and give him the same hard spanking. Don’t you dare say another word to him, young lady, or your spanking will be even harder!

Yes, you heard me mister - I’m going to spank you just like I’m spanking my daughter right now…or would you like me to march you right down to your mother and spank you in front of her? Hmm?….

Kay, I mean it - if you sass your mother once more during your spanking I’m going to get really mad. Stop kicking your feet, turn around and take your punishment. You shouldn’t have been in here with your pants off if you’re a good girl, and only bad girls get spanked in front of dirty neighborhood boys. Now get your butt in the corner while I handle this bad bad boy..

Alright, come on you…get over here. Get across my knee and take your spanking. Right now.

Length : 5+ minutes

Featuring: Kay

Keywords: ageplay, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hand spanking, mom, OTK, POV,


Zis has never been spanked with a carpet beater before, so I figure it’s only fair for her first experience to be one hundred strokes with my brand new, stiff one. She agrees, and bends over a pillow on my bed…then I tell her that each ten strokes of the carpet beater will be capped by a swat from my big heavy wood paddle. She agrees, again…of course.

Once I have Zis skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down, I give her a quick ‘warm up’ spanking with my hand, just a tease really, considering what’s coming. Then I quickly get to work on her bottom with the angry, long-handled carpet beater - Zis kicks and squirms and exclaims during each of the ten sets of ten, and even more so each time I smack her butt with that big wooden paddle at the end.

As you can imagine, the carpet beater stings worse and worse with each set of ten…Zis bottom gets redder and redder, before eventually shading to purple, as I swing harder and harder each time. Finally, I’m standing, and the last set has her feet kicking high before it’s over.
Length : 8 minutes

Keywords: 100 Strokes, F/F, fat bottomed girls, odd implements, paddling,

Mom's Big Wooden Spoon
Mom strolls into the kitchen in the morning to find a huge nail polish spill, right in the middle of the stove. Calling Kay into the room, Mom scolds Kay for making such a terrible mess and tells her that she’s to be spanked, with Mom’s biggest wooden spoon, right there in the middle of the kitchen.

What a mess!

Bratty Kay tries to run away, but Mom grabs the back of her overalls, drags her back into the room, and spins her around…wrapping one arm firmly around Kay’s waist to make sure she doesn’t wiggle free while Mom spanks her butt hard with the wooden spoon. After pulling Kay’s skirt up - and her panties down - Mom goes to work on Kay’s bare bottom, smacking it hard, back and forth on each cheek, while Kay wails, kicks her feet, and begs Mom to stop.

It hurts!

Pausing to lecture Kay on the importance of keeping a clean house, and in always telling the truth about things, Mom tells Kay that there will be ten more smacks on her bare, swollen bottom - after that she’s to clean her mess and spend the rest of the day in her room. When Kay protests, Mom threatens to up the number to fifty…

Length : 5 minutes

Featuring: Kay

Keywords: ageplay, F/F, fat bottomed girls, mom, wooden spoon,

Daughter Punished for Lesbian Behavior
I’m pacing just inside the door when my daughter Kay comes in, still waving and talking to her ‘volleyball coach’ who’s just dropped her off from ‘the game’.

I’ve been suspicious of their relationship for weeks, and today I drove by the gym twice - there was no game. And there was no Kay, and she and her grown-woman ‘coach’ were nowhere to be found. I think they’re fooling around….doing lesbian things…and I’m about to get to the bottom of it.

Through her bottom.

Confronting Kay as soon as she closes the door, I make her pull down her volleyball shorts to show that she’s not wearing panties, and I KNOW she had them on when she left this morning. That confirms my suspicions…my teen daughter has been having an affair with some woman who’s claiming to be her volleyball coach, right under my nose.

I yank down Kay’s shorts and make her bend right over, spanking her bare butt over and over again with my thick and heavy wooden punishment paddle.

I’m getting madder by the smack as I think about the nasty things my daughter has done with this woman, and by the time I’m done with Kay’s bright red paddled butt, I’ve decided to and find her ‘coach’ next.

Length : 8+ minutes

Featuring: Kay

Keywords: ageplay, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, mom, paddling,

Pain is Love
I’m feeling aggressive, and she’s agreed to allow me to cane her - fifty hard, welting strokes - stone cold…so I can get it out of my system.

I have her lean way over, heels off the ground and arms outstretched, before tugging down her very tight jeans from over her very bodacious backside.

Once her panties are down and her bottom bared, I waste zero time in beginning her caning - stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke - all on her bare, pale, unprepared flesh.

And after every stroke of my cane, every bite into her skin, she must tell me, “I love you too.”

Length : 8+ minutes

Keywords: caning, domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, severe spanking,

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