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Naked and Switched in the Front Yard

He broke the bench already!

We just moved into the new house and already Bobby’s breaking things - this time it’s a lovely little wooden bench outside in the garden area that I just loved. But now after just a few days, it sits in a pile like kindling. Bobby swears he sat down lightly on the bench but I know him - he’s like a bull in a china shop. That little bench didn’t stand a chance.

And now he’s going to pay for it. I order bobby to strip to his underpants and go cut me a switch, then watch as he disconsolately walks down the driveway. I yell that he’d better cut a nice, long switch this time or I’ll come out there and do it myself, and eventually he comes back with an acceptable switch, stripped of all its leaves.

Now I order Bobby to strip, bend over, and accept his punishment for destroying such a nice piece of garden furniture with his carelessness. I lay into his bare backside with the switch, landing dozens of switch-smacks across his butt, hips, and thighs. He wails in pain and tries to twist his body but he can’t avoid the sting of the switch landing over and over on him; he also can’t avoid the fact that he stands here, bent over and punished, naked in the front yard. If any of the neighbors are passing, they’re sure to see his striped and swollen ass on display for all to see. Another part of the punishment that he deserves…

When I’ve worked through my anger on his bottom, I tell him that he’ll be buying me TWO new benches, and probably won’t be allowed to sit in either of them.

Duration : 7+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/M, odd implements,

Dana Kane on: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It’s all anyone is talking about lately - sexual harassment, especially in the workplace. Here's one way to deal with it.

(This video is a parody, and in no way meant to make light of current events.)

Duration 7+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: F/M, funny, hand spanking, OTK,

Plug & Play

I like to make up games to play with Bobby; this one’s called Plug and Play. I make him stand in the corner while telling him about how I’m going to stick a plug in his ass, bend him over, and spank him with numerous implements until I’m satisfied. His part of the game is to be a good boy and tolerate it all.

He politely says, “Yes, ma’am”, at all the right times, even when I make him push back onto the plug while spanking him harder and harder - essentially making him impale himself on the rubber buttplug. Then I order him over my knee for what will be the first of many positions….every time my hand, or a paddle, or the rug beater or barber strop land on his bottom, I know that the impact is forcing that plug in his ass to press in, harder and deeper, reverberating inside him with every impact.

This excites me to no end and means that I just end up spanking him harder and longer, while taking time to toy with his assplug and tease him mercilessly in between.

I think Plug and Play may just be my favorite new game….and he likes it too, although this is the ONLY time he’ll get the benefit of such a small plug. By the end of the spanking, Bobby is exhausted and completely blissed, and I am feeling a heady sense of satisfaction and control as he ‘thanks’ me for his spanking and plugging by dutifully worshipping my bottom when I’m done, then heading right back into the corner so I can enjoy him.. just a little more.

Duration : 15+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: barber strop, caning, CFNM, cornertime, F/M, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK, paddling, sensual spanking, strapping,

She Got Fired Again

I’ve just about had it with Zis and her bad attitude; she just can’t stand anyone having any authority over her, which has led to literally dozens of jobs for her in the past few years. This time, she lasted less than ninety days, and was fired today in the middle of the office for telling the boss to ‘kiss her ass’.

I’m so frustrated with Zis that I almost can’t get her over my knee fast enough, unzipping her too-tight-for-work skirt and baring her panties while scolding her and asking what she plans to do with herself now. Zis has no good answer, as usual, but insists she’ll figure it out…that’s just about enough to put me over the edge. I begin smacking her cheeks with my hand before grabbing up the hairbrush I brought specifically for the task.

In just a minute, Zis is kicking her heels and squirming on my lap while I spank her hard with my hairbrush, turning her pale cheeks a dark, deep red by the time I’ve exhausted myself on what is, truly, a lost cause. Zis will certainly have another job in no time…but it won’t last, and we both know she’ll be back over my knee before the bruises from this hard spanking have time to go away.

Duration : 8 minutes

Featuring: Zis Kane

Keywords: domestic discipline, F/F, fat bottomed girls, hair brush, hand spanking, OTK,

A Retirement Celebration for Bobby

When you’ve been at the same job for ten years, it’s worth a celebration or two when you leave it - so Bobby is celebrating.

And you know me…I love a celebration.

He’s chosen ten different implements, and will receive ten hard strokes with each of them - I’ve added an additional twist in that he must quickly change positions between each set of ten.

Although Bobby is happy to end this last chapter of his life and enter a new one, he’s also hurting a lot…because I’m hitting him damn hard.

As he bends and contorts himself to my satisfaction, I dole out his ten-for-each-year celebratory beating…and beating it is, as by the end (a big, beautiful, thick wood paddle) his bottom runs red with every smack. Watch as he celebrates the newest and most painful chapter of life yet - he has many, many more spankings to come.


Duration : 13+ minutes

Featuring: Bobby Kane

Keywords: caning, CFNM, domestic discipline, F/M, hair brush, OTK, paddling, riding crop, severe spanking, strapping,

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